As we have become more gadget and app: dependant we have slowly become lazier in our daily life.

We can sit going to work, when we travel and even being entertained, but this life of comfort and ease comes at a cost to our health and body.

We are designed to run,jump and walk not to sit in front of the TV with the biggest bag of crisps and fizzy drink you can find, slowly sinking into the couch.


FitnessSome people don't have the time to go to the gym or even the interest to join or even go for a quick run.

There is however another way  to exercise in the comfort of your own home that you can do at your own pace and do a few times a week.

It's called  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

You see getting fit is not just for people entering sports events, it can have a huge impact in your day to day life.

  •  Exercise can give your mood a boost, and can help people with mild depression and can help protect against anxiety.
  • Most everyday activities like walking up the stairs and chasing the kids will become that much easier.
  • Exercising will help maintain your body, from blood pressure to bowels, as well as helping to keep cardiovascular disease at bay.
  • Cardiovascular exercise helps to control your weight.

There is a simple reason why you are not seeing results you want

Which is? You don’t burn enough energy.

Simple really, sorry to disappoint But the truth is most people don’t burn enough energy off. If you eat 3000 calories a day, but only burn off 2000 calories a day doing your normal daily routines,i.e. work, some form of fitness, going out etc.

You are left with 1000 calories approximately for your body to metabolise which is normally converted to fat, and if you keep doing this over a long enough period of time then you can end up putting on weight.

It’s not the perfect scenario but you get the picture. Listen if you don’t believe me go into your local gym and you will see the same faces lined up on all the cardio equipment week after week.

You would think that with all that effort would get results yet hardly any of their bodies seem to change. They put all that effort and time each week yet never really see any real or lasting results. And they do this because this type of training is setting them up for failure because of three things.

It doesn't burn enough calories during the workout It doesn't keep the body burning energy after the workout It is causing you too lose muscle mass and therefore lowering you metabolic rate. But you could change all of this today and start seeing results in just a few days if you know how to train properly.

Now don’t get me wrong any exercise is better than nothing at all but if your ultimate goal is weight loss there is a much quicker and effective way to do it.   Do you want to know the best style of training for fat loss? A strategy that is been proven by scientific study to be far superior in burning fat, boosting your metabolism and changing your body composition. Now there are many different ways to apply this strategy but the system we have on offer today is based around bodyweight exercises and here are the reasons why.


Tennis playerWhy bodyweight exercises can work for you


To Improve Total body Strength and Movement Unlike the  traditional cardio workouts the bodyweight movements will work all the muscles in your body during each session so that your overall body strength is challenged in each workout. It forces the muscles to work together as a whole unit developing strength in all areas of your body while improving functional movement so that you perform better in daily life.


It's Easier to Schedule The best training program is the one that you stick with and when using the bodyweight exercises there is no excuse not to train. You can train at any time and anywhere because all you need is yourself. There are a few pieces equipment required for our program but they are easy to store and transport and even if you don’t have access to them it doesn't matter because most of the workout is with bodyweight exercises.


Will Help you build Confidence When you are using these exercises and training in the privacy of your own home you can do your own thing without feeling like everybody is watching. I know when you are starting out on a fitness program you can feel a little self-conscious and overwhelmed going to the gym. But when training at home you can forget all that insecurity and just focus on what you have to do without the fear of being judged.


Will Build core strength for better posture and Movement Having a weak core can lead to postural problems and ultimately issues with movement.The Bodyweight exercises engage the core and strengthen it naturally so improving your posture and range of movements. In fact in this program there is a whole section devoted to core strength and developing the abs so that you can have a flat tight stomach that will look great on the beach.


Will Reduce risk of Injury Doing lots of repetitive cardio or even weight training can lead to strains, muscle tension and other injuries that stop you from training. Bodyweight training is a far more balanced workout because you’re incorporating all muscle groups decreasing the potential for muscle tension build up which ultimately leads to injury. We can see that bodyweight exercises are a safe and effective way to exercise and you can start doing them no matter what your age, fitness level or previous exercise history. But how do we get the best out of bodyweight training so that we burn fat, build muscle and get the look that we desire. We combine them with a style of training that many people may of heard of but don’t fully understand A system of training that if you do it right can finally burn off all the stubborn fat areas you thought would never disappear and deliver these results quicker than you can imagine.

All you will need are some resistance bands, a medicine ball and the desire to succeed.

Beautiful young lady drinking bottle of water during a break at gym

 Interval Training the power to burn fat faster

If you are not quite sure what high intensity interval training is about it is simply a type of exercise strategy where the workout is divided into high and low intensity periods. In the high intensity periods you are working as hard as you can and in the low intensity you are recovering and preparing yourself for the next interval of work.

The theory behind this is that the hard intense intervals force your body to burn more energy and then keep your metabolic rate high not only during the workout but in the hours after you have finished your exercise. This occurrence is often referred to as the after burn effect of exercise.

This combination of more calories burned during and then after your workout makes it an effective way of burning more fat than say compared a traditional cardio workout where are you are only working at a moderate intensity level. Interval training is a type of physical training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.

The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity. Varying the intensity of effort exercises the heart muscle, providing a cardiovascular workout, improving aerobic capacity and permitting the person to exercise for longer and / or more intense levels. Interval training can refer to organization of any cardiovascular workout (e.g., cycling, running, rowing, etc.), and is prominent in training routines for many sports. It is a technique particularly employed by runners, but athletes in many disciplines use this type of training.

There has been increasing evidence that interval training assists in managing risk factors of many diseases including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. It does this by improving insulin action and sensitivity. Generating higher insulin sensitivity results in lower levels of insulin need to lower glucose levels in the blood. This helps individuals with type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome control their glucose levels

Experts have also made it known  that a combination of interval training and continuous exercise increases cardiovascular fitness and raises HDL-cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This type of training also decreases waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio (WRH), and the sum of skin folds on the body. This method of training may be more effective at inducing fat loss than simply training at a moderate intensity level for the same duration. This is due to the metabolism-boosting effects of high intensity intervals.

This is what you will get if you decide to purchase the Getting Fit Yourself System

A 12-week program that has been designed to take you from beginner level all the way to advanced so no matter what your fitness level you can use this program. High definition workout videos. The videos are in a follow along format so all you have to do is follow the instructions and do the workout. With the instructor doing the workout with you and giving encouragement throughout, it is literally like having him there with you as your very own personal trainer. Watch the videos online on any device or download them and store for later if you need to train where there is no internet.

Four Different Types of Workouts to Transform Every Part of your body

photodune-9141853-weight-loss-concept-m Fat Loss

This is designed to boost your metabolic response and to help burn stubborn fat from your problem areas






These are going to increase your stamina and aerobic levels while toning up your lower body(Great if you play explosive sports like tennis and badminton)




Will help tighten and strengthen your stomach muscles while sculpting a sexy set of abs






Stretch & Core

Will help to build  body strength and add lean muscle mass while improving mobility and flexibility(Again great if you play tennis and badminton can improve shot production and add weight of shot)

These Are The 3 Different Phases to Take you From Beginner to Advanced

Phase 1 - Beginner

With this phase you are introduced to interval training and basic bodyweight exercises.  As you work through this phase you will notice your body starting to perform better, feel stronger and start to change shape.

Phase 2 - Intermediate

Here You Are Building on the progress made in phase 1 you will now be able to push your body harder and recover much quickly. Once this intensity increases then the calorie burn does too so be ready to watch the fat melt off your body.

Phase 3 - Advanced

And Finally This is where it all comes together as your new strength; increased aerobic fitness and better mobility allow you to work at even greater levels of intensity for much longer periods. This is where the magic happens and all the hard work and effort is rewarded.


Nutrition Guide:Get Your Free Plan When You Sign Up. Yours  to keep even if you stop the membership.


Good Idea






If you are looking to shift that stubborn fat then eat healthy and sensibly. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods, but with most things in life moderation in what you eat is the key. You probably know this all ready, but you have to maintain a positive and disciplined outlook to what you want to achieve with your fitness. It’s no good doing one of these sessions then having a triple big Mac with salty fries and then washing it down with a litre of Pepsi. You have just undone all the good work you did in the last hour. If you need to snack there are plenty of nutritional foods out there, cereal bars, mixed snacks, fruit etc . Eating healthy is not boring, it's a state of mind. Do you want to improve your health or are you going to sit in that couch all evening?

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Not Such A Good Idea

So are you ready to start your 12-week challenge with the Getting Fit Yourself Body Transformation System?

  • A system that delivers results without burning you out or making you injured
  • A system anybody can follow no matter what his or her fitness level maybe
  • A system to save you money with no need for expensive gyms.
  • A system you can do at your own pace and from the convenience of your own home
  • A system that has been proven by science to get results fast

If you are then you can start building the body of your dreams for the price of just $29.00

Getting Fit Yourself Membership

That’s just $29.00 for each set of three video sessions starting with Fat Loss. All less than half of the price of what most people pay an average personal trainer for just one hour of their time or for gym membership. But I want to make sure this program is right for you.  

                     That is why we offer a..... 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes that is right. You can use the first  (Fat Loss System) for the next 30 days and if for whatever reason you don’t think it is for you then all you have to do is email us at ( and we will refund every penny of your purchase with no questions asked. But honestly we know that most people won’t refund because once they start to use our system they love the results it gives them. I mean who doesn't enjoy

  • Seeing your body change and feeling clothes fit better
  • Having people comment how much younger you look
  • Feeling stronger and more capable of doing what you put your mind too
  • A greater sense of well-being and better mood levels
  • More energy to get through your day with clear focus and motivation

All these benefits are possible with the right approach to training your body and this is what you are getting with our system.

Get started on your journey and click the link below now.

Get your Free Nutrition & Meal Plan when you join. Yours to keep even if you stop your membership.


We Know This system is not for everybody

As we know from experience that some fitness programs are not for everybody so if you don’t meet the following criteria this is not for you.

  • You are at an advanced level of fitness.
  • You are looking for a short cut to your dream body.
  • You don’t believe that bodyweight training will give you the physique you desire.
  • You don’t have the time to commit to 4 hours of training per week.
  • You are not ready to work hard for your results.

As with most things in life, getting in great shape doe’s requires commitment, discipline and sacrifice so if you’re not prepared to apply all of these elements to this program for the next 12 weeks then don’t go any further because you will be wasting your time. But if you are ready to make big changes in your life and see the results you have been dreaming about then click on the button below and start today. Remember this is a risk free purchase because if you don't think the program can deliver real results that you love.